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We have the know-how you need.

Founded in 2001 by Carl Johnson, Riverstone Building & Consulting is an innovative and industry leader in Dispute Resolution, Storm Damage Mitigation and General Contracting.  We are an independent firm, representing both individual home owners and commercial clients. 


Since its inception, our professional team has directly managed or supervised hundreds of projects of various scope, size, and complexity.  Among our numerous projects, our expertise includes:

  • Water Mitigation

  • Mold Remediation

  • Residential Remodeling

  • Commercial Finish Out

This extensive experience led to Riverstone’s Consulting Services which include:

  • Developing Detailed Cost Estimates

  • Supervising Construction and Mitigation Processes

  • Assessing and Developing Mitigation Scopes

  • Providing Expert Testimony relating to these issues

Because of our responsive and courteous service & the honesty and value we bring to every case and project, we're known for:

  • Pride Ourselves in Meeting client deadlines

  • Friendly service

  • Honest cost estimates

  • Professionalism

  • Industry expertise

  • Thorough and accurate documentation

Our team has been retained to consult on and draft detailed cost estimates for over 3,000 projects with varied scopes, ranging from large commercial properties to residential cases.

IAUA Certified Appraiser & Umpire

Independent Adjuster

Scott Lansing, IA
Hill Adams
Carl Johnson, Owner

IAUA Certified Appraiser & Umpire

HAAG Residential & Commercial Roof...

Federal & State Trial Experience

20+ years building exp & mold Remediation 

IAUA Certified Appraiser & Umpire

National Adjuster???

Stuart Nolley, GC

IAUA Certified Appraiser & Umpire

Contruction Defect Analysis Expert

Troy Thomas, IA

IAUA Certified Appraiser & Umpire

IIndependent Adjuster

Troy also proudly serves in the National Guard

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